Privacy Policy

We take customers privacy seriously and we will only collect and use your personal information as described below.

Collecting Personal Information

If you register as a website user at kaftwholesale, we will use your personal information so as to send you promotional materials anytime available. If you wish to not to receive notifications of promotions from our website, you can stop subscribing by clicking the subscription button to unsubscribe.

After ordering, we will save your details for security reasons but you as a customer will not be able to access it directly from us. You can login to your personal account through our website to access the information. You can see some details such as orders sent, reservations made, bookings that are still open. You can also change your address, bank information at any time. You agree that your personal information is confidential and no third party should have the ability to access it without your permission. Pay attention to the password used, unless it is caused by our recklessness, we will not be held responsible for any misuse of passwords.

Disclosure of Personal Information

If your privacy has been violated in anyway by Kaftwholesale, please contact us and the issue shall be resolved.

Change of privacy policy

Kaftwholesale has the right to modify and change the privacy policy at any time. if there is plan to change the privacy, you will be notify on the website few days before it is change.